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Welcome to Erin's Elderberries! Only the best ingredients, all the time.

Why Erin's Elderberries??

How I make my yummy syrup

I only use local raw honey (zone 7) , that I test to make sure is glyphosate free, because as a Mom, Wife and individual, that is very important to me. I don't add the honey in until my syrup base has cooled to less than 100 degrees so that the integrity of the honey isn't lost. 

The other ingredients are all certified USDA Organic, and I ONLY use Ceylon Cinnamon, NEVER Cassia. I source my berries from a company that sets the highest of standards and won't hesitate to deny a batch from their harvester. 


The same elderberry syrup that goes out my door is the exact same syrup that we eat in our house! And I wouldn't have it any other way. Growing up my Momma always taught me to provide the best for your family and your guests, because they are family too. So that is exactly what I do. I put as much love and care in every batch I make as I did when I first started making this just for us.

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