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Welcome to Erin's Elderberries! Only the best ingredients, all the time.

About Erin


Yummy Syrup Beginnings

Where do I even begin?? 

So cliff notes version of how Erin's Elderberries, LLC came to be:

An amazing MOPs mom friend of mine, knowing my love for all things community and research said to me one day "hey you need to set up a local Facebook group for Moms to ask questions, find answers, share, and learn all the random things you know". So after a couple of months of prodding from her...I did. It continues today, anyone is welcome, and its called "Raising Tiny Healthy Humans". 

One night, when I was making my first Elderberry Syrup batch of the season, I posted in the group "hey, I make this stuff..here's what's in it, my 1.5 year old loves it..anyone want some?". Well, fast forward 5 months and I was getting text messages from moms I didn't even know! Saying"hey, I'm friends with so and so, who is friends with so and so who's kid loves your syrup, can I get some??!!". 

4 months after that, and I got all of my licenses, inspections and all that required by my state to operate a syrup business and well, now I want to share it with everyone!!

I never planned on going into this type of business, but I can say, its something I put a lot of love into.

Everything I make is in small batches, with as much love and care as possible. I don't make separate syrup for my family. One jar from the batches I make stays in our family fridge. I spent months researching the best recipe, learning about the individual ingredients and the right measurements of each. When I set out to make the perfect recipe for my family, my toddler was quality control. After some failed attempts, one week he loved one I made, and one night he looked at me and said "Momma I want some yummy syrup. No icecream, just the yummy syrup that goes on top.". And that friends, is why Erin's Elderberries is "Elderberry Yummy Syrup". I will always remember that night, and I wanted to pay tribute to that one mom win!!

The honey I chose took months. I went around talking to as many bee keepers as I could, learning methods and what kinds of questions to ask to find the best and healthiest out there. I came home with 5 different ones, and I let my 2 year old try each one and pick his favorite. I figured if he liked it, as picky as he is, it will be a winner! So that's the honey I've been using ever since! 

My Background

Prior to staying home with my son, I was an Intelligence Analyst and worked for the Federal Government for 15 years. 

I was raised in Alabama, got my B.A. and M.S. from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!), and have a PhD (abd) from Capella University. So, you can see, that I love to research, I love to write. I love to hunt things down lol!! I was transferred from Alabama to Quantico, Va by my organization, and now reside in Warrenton, Va. 

After I had my son I decided I wanted to be at home with him for a while, no crazy weekend shifts, no holidays to be away. Just wanted to treasure the moments. Well, a couple of years in and a close family member was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. So, the researcher in me went to the end of the internet learning, figuring out what to do to keep this person around as long as possible! It was then I realized I still loved helping people, just in a different way than my previous career. So I got my Registered Health and Nutrition Coach (R.H.N.C.) Certification. I opened The Nourished Fern, LLC, which is my Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching business. You can find that at www.thenourishedfern.com

The Future

While we never know what the future holds, I hope that Erin's Elderberries provides high quality,. amazing syrup for everyone of you!