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Welcome to Erin's Elderberries! Only the best ingredients, all the time.

How to Order

Preorder for farmer's market pickup

 If you would like to preorder syrup or a kit for pickup at one of the Farmer's Markets to ensure you have one waiting on you, please send an email to:  erinselderberries@gmail.com  with what you would like to order. You will receive an invoice to that email account. Invoice must be paid in order to reserve your order. Then come to the market any time during operating hours to pick up!

Have your Order Shipped

We are NOW shipping our Syrup!! 

There are 2 ways to order at the moment:

Find us HERE on our Etsy shop!

OR, if you need more, email us!

Shipping is a flat 10.00 fee for 1 or 2 bottles. (whatever fits in the flat rate box!). The syrup can be frozen, just don't use heat to thaw it! So you save that extra shipping in the future by ordering 2 at one time. 

If you would like more than that shipped, please email us for an exact shipping charge!

We also ship the kits! Shipping is 10.00 for up to 2 full kits with honey or 3 kits with NO honey. 

If you would like a Make your Own Kit WITHOUT honey and NOT in a glass jar (you get all the dry ingredients, directions and label for jars), those are 3.00 each shipped!

We hope to have our square store up soon, but for now:

To order, send an email to erinselderberries@gmail.com with your order and mailing address. You will receive an invoice to be paid online and shipping will be the same day as payment. You will receive a paypal generated email with your tracking number included. On average, syrup and kits take about 2-3 days to arrive. 

Other orders

Can't make it to the Farmer's Market? Just send us an email at erinselderberries@gmail.com and we will be happy to arrange a pickup location in Warrenton for you!